Jool 5 - Almost

I came very close to completing the Jool-5 challenge. That is, I built an ion probe that had plenty of fuel left to get home after successfully orbiting around each planet. But, I chose to land it on Laythe instead, having misread the instructions.

Jool-5 Probe
Here's my probe
Bop Flyby
Flying Past Bop
Laythe Reentry
During Reentry on Laythe

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Under the Bridge

Another weekly challenge, I managed to make a plane that could fly underneath of the bridge at the Kerbal Space Center. You can view a GIF at the Imgur link below.

approaching the bridge
Approaching the Bridge
going under
Going Under
back in the air
Safely in the Air

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Getting to Orbit

This little craft can easily get you to orbit, if you fly it right.

On the Launch Pad
On the Launch Pad
During Ascent
During Ascent
In Orbit
In orbit, with the final stage still full of fuel.

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